Oil Dispersible Red Cocoa Butter Color

Oil Dispersible Red Cocoa Butter Color

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Pre-mixed red, gently warm to melt and mix. Could also be melted gently and used to paint decorations on firm icings or candy.

    • NO artificial ingredients or FD&C dyes.  Ever.
    • One container of red colors about 6 ounces or 1 cup of white chocolate.
    • Gently warm to melt. Use melted color to decorate molds or
      add to melted white chocolate.
    • Colors may be subtle when used with dark or milk chocolate.

    Oil dispersible colors are for foods like chocolate and coating that have no water content at all. They may be used to color products that have both fat and water, such as icings and modeling chocolate, but are generally more expensive than the water dispersible colors for icings and creams which cannot be used for actual chocolate.


    Beet juice, cocoa butter, paprika oil, maltodextrin from tapioca and corn. Vegan, gluten-free, no dairy or soy, non-GMO.

    • Milk: NO
    • Eggs: NO
    • Peanuts: NO
    • Tree nuts: NO
    • Fish :NO
    • Shellfish: NO
    • Soy: NO
    • Wheat: NO
    • Gluten: NO
    Use and Storage

    USE: Carefully melt on low to medium powder for a minute at a time. Use to decorate molds or color white chocolate or coating. Let unused product firm up, when needed melt again to use.


      STORAGE: Cocoa butter may develop an off taste if stored near strong odors, but should stay usable for up to a year if stored in a cool, dry, dark place in a tight container. Keep away from heat and light. A cabinet or pantry is perfect!

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