Powdered Colors

for Creams, Icings, Modeling Chocolate

(to color chocolate go HERE)
Versatile, easy to use powders made from fruit and vegetables. Keep in your pantry for a year or even many years without spoiling.



  • Individual powdered colors come in .5 oz , 1 & 2 oz containers (about 10-11 teaspoons per ounce).
  • There is one assortment of 8 colors (.15 oz per container or 1.2 oz total)
  • Typical use is 1-3 tsp per cup of icing. Dark colors like red and black may require more.
  • Orange paprika oilyellow turmeric solution  are another option for very strong orange and yellow color.

    TO USE: Dissolve in a very little water or egg white then easily combine with products. Use just like watercolors to paint details on top of firm icing, fondant or modeling chocolate.

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