Confection Crafts was created by Peggy Alter to share the art and secrets of professional pastry and natural decorating products. She believes everyone, not just pastry chefs, should be able to use professional techniques and supplies.

Peggy’s interest in baking grew from a little girl’s fascination at Uncle Abe’s bakery in Chelsea, Massachusetts  to professional studies at the Culinary Institute of America.

She has created many unusual pieces including cakes for the Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Marlon Brando, a fifty-foot long replica of the Boulder Mall, and sugar and chocolate pieces for the International Summit of the Eight and the American Institute of Food and Wine’s Pageant of Chefs in Los Angeles.

Awards are numerous, starting with the Best of Show at the Culinary Art Salon in Denver for gingerbread work, and include ACF Gold, Bronze, and Best of Show medals, and finalist awards at the Patis France and National Dessert competitions. Television appearances include Food Network “Easter Unwrapped”.

Her love of the fine art of pastry brought her to participate in the World Pastry Forum, National Pastry Championships, Cuisines of the Sun, and Aspen Food and Wine Festival. She volunteers extensively to bring the pastry arts to people throughout the U.S.

Her own businesses included A la Carte, a trend setting restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, and Confection Art, selling decorating products including her book, ‘Modeling Chocolate Made Easy’, custom cakes, and confections. Confection Crafts is her next step to make natural decorating products easier to use and available  to everyone.

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